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Key switch

SMD side button switch Lengthen the handle 4*5 side press tact switch
12*12 waterproof light touch patch key switch highly customizable waterproof/anti-silver migration
Side two foot tact switch 12*12*H height can be customized
8*8 Waterproof Key Switch Highly Customizable DIP Pins
Micro button switch 6*6*5 DIP pin waterproof button switch
Waterproof switch 6*6*5mm SMD patch foot red handle
6*6 waterproof button switch DIP four-legged plug-in highly customized
Waterproof tact switch 6.2*6.2 black handle stretch cover four-legged patch anti-silver migration
Speaker button switch 6.2*6.2 silicone tact switch four-legged patch waterproof and dustproof
Electronic scale waterproof key switch 6.2*6.2 height 3.5/4.3/5.0mm silicone handle
Display key switch 6.2*6.2 four-pin patch red button
6.2*6.2 Silicone Touch Button Green Button Highly Customizable

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